November 15, 2022


The holiday season is coming to an end and it’s a great time to reflect on 2018. You are probably thinking about how you can improve upon yourself, but how about ways you can make your relationship even more magical in the coming year? You might have just gotten engaged, or just got married, or even have been married for years. Here are some of our favorite romantic ideas to keep it sexy and fun in 2019!

Tip 1 – HIT THE GYM TOGETHER This one probably seems kind of weird we know, but a couple that sweats together, stays together. Working out releases happy chemicals, called endorphins and having happiness coursing through your veins can only lead to better conflict management after or before those sessions. This is also a great time to cheer each other on, sharing some much need appreciation and positive reinforcement.

Tip 2 – FLIRT

After being together for a long time, couples often get really comfortable with each other and forget that basic flirtation is what sparked the magic in the first place. Keep things fun by sharing a silly joke, or a cute little wink to remind your partner that they are still just as attractive to you as the day you met.

Tip 3 – TRAVEL

Whether it is a short weekend trip or a long vacation to Europe, traveling together can bring you and your partner together like nothing else. Experiencing something new together, like a beautiful new city, can be a bonding experience. Traveling can spark some serious romance as well, since it can bring about spontaneous moments that otherwise wouldn’t be created at home, just hanging on the couch.

What New Year’s resolution do you have for you and your honey?

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