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Beautiful Floral Ideas for Your Quinceanera Celebration

Choosing beautiful floral arrangements for your daughter’s Quinceañera can be an exciting endeavor. Quinceañera, among many Latinos in the United States, is the name given for the coming-of-age celebration on a girl’s 15th birthday. In modern times, the Quinceañera celebration is often a large party that sometimes includes a mariachi band, lots of delicious food, many guests and activities similar to a wedding. Planning for a Quinceañera many times takes over a year.

Flowers the Life of the Party

Throughout the Quinceañera celebration, it is essential to have colorful flowers that will bring joy, beautiful artistry and sensational aromas to the festivities. Here are some wonderful floral selections and colors to choose from:

  • Red symbolizes admiration, courage and respect. There is a wide variety of red flowers available including carnations, anthuriums, petunias, gerberas, tulips, and the most iconic of all, red roses.
  • Yellow symbolizes joy, warmth and brightness. Yellow flowers provide energy and brightness to any celebration. Sunflowers, yellow roses, begonias and daffodils are lovely flowers to choose from.
  • Pretty in Pink, the color of femininity and the classic Quinceañera color. There isn’t any shortage of flowers in hues of pink. Choose from gladiolus, roses, tulips, gerberas and cherry blossoms.
  • Darker shades are beautiful for add1ing more variety and attraction. Purple flowers convey serenity and peace. You can choose from violets, freesia, hyacinth, peonies and orchids.
  • Orange symbolizes warmth and attractiveness, and they are ideal for the brightness of Spring and Summer as well as for Autumn. Another advantage of orange is that it can be easily combined with darker shades as well as lighter colors. Choose from orchids, marigolds, calla lilies and chrysanthemums.
  • Blue flowers can be really striking and colorful and are particularly ideal for centerpieces. You can select from delphinium, dahlias, anemones, lilies and bellflowers.
  • When it comes to a Quinceañera celebration, white symbolizes the girl’s innocence. White flowers are gentle and elegant. Choose from daisies, white roses, camellias and poppies.
  • Choose the colors that will make your Quinceañera celebration exciting, memorable and joyous and have a wonderful day!

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