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Honeymoon Ideas for Couples

Before You Take Off On Your Honeymoon Reminders

You’re in the throes of organizing your vendors, bridal party and taking care of last minute wedding arrangements. Then to top it off, you have to think about planning the honeymoon. Yikes!

Packing is easy right? Even Adam Sandler says in his song “Phone Wallet Keys” that you can go anywhere as long as you have your phone, wallet and keys… But a few verses later, he realizes “Wait, I need my passport, headphones, iPad and a bunch of other things.” Wow will the list ever end? Well to help ease your stress, below are some practical travel reminders with ideas on what to bring, research etc. before your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Checklist for Couples At Home

  • Pets – Care arrangements: schedule, pet food, instructions, emergency number, medicines
  • Home Security – Alarm in place, necessary people alerted of your absence: neighbors, postman/woman, newspaper carrier etc. Certain electrical appliances etc. unplugged, sprinkler system turn on scheduled (if applicable).
  • Identification – Passports, licenses (both matching), tickets, hotel reservations etc.


  • Clothes – Enough socks & underwear, 1 suit, shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, sweaters, sandals, shoes, sneakers etc.
  • Cold weather warm coat, gloves, hats, boots, warm sweater, coat, gloves, scarf & socks.
  • Tip: Check this site for guidelines on how much to pack for extended vacations.


  • Small toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, floss.
  • Face cream, body wash, body lotion, small shampoo & conditioner bottles or packets, deodorant, small female & male colognes etc.
  • Manicure set, 1 or 2 bottles nail polish, nail polish remover packets, emery boards etc.

Tip: Know before you go. Check in advance to see what’s available in your hotel. Avoid overpacking as your luggage will be heavy to carry and cost more at the airlines. 

Honeymoon Ideas, Tips, Reminders

Other Necessities

  • Hair Accessories Comb, brush, hair products, hair ties etc.
  • Sun Care* Bathing suits, bathing cap, suntan lotion, aloe vera after sun care, bug repellant, extra sunglasses, snorkels, fins etc.
  • Possible Medicines* NyQuil, Dristan, Tylenol, Advil, Dramamine, Allergy care (epipen if necessary) etc.
  • Vitamins* – put your essential vitamins in a plastic container with name labels to stick on each compartment.

*Keep in mind there are strict guidelines about what can be brought onboard and packed (medicines, vitamins, colognes, sun lotions etc.) when traveling from and to the U.S. Find out more helpful information here.


  • First aid kit, pocket alarm,  emergency phone numbers etc. 

For the Plane Ride

  • Load and charge up your devices (music, movies, games).
  • Have all your chargers with you to keep all gadgets powered up throughout your flight.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Pillow, small blanket, gum/mints, earplugs, eye mask, noise-cancellation headphones, snacks, sleeping pills if needed. 


Tissues, Small stain remover packets, pen & paper, small safety pins & sewing kit, hand sanitizer, handwipes, eye glass fixer etc.

Know your Destination

  • When planning any trip abroad, check the Travel Advisories for your intended destination. Here is a US Government website with more details.
  • Driving Rules
  • Name of Consulate Phone number etc.
  • Laws of the state or country you are visiting

Eating There

Know the best places to eat, tipping guidelines etc.

Hope these honeymoon packing & traveling suggestions were helpful. Have a wonderful honeymoon and safe trip.

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