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Details and Visions: The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Wedding

When it comes to weddings, success is in the details. Anyone who has planned a large event, be it a wedding, anniversary party or other major celebration, will tell you that the details are what make for a memorable event.

Have a vision

Among the first questions we ask clients are, “What is your vision?” and “What is your preferred color scheme?”

The color scheme extends to all aspects of an event. In this example, the theme extends from the drapes and wall hangings to the tables, centerpieces, chair covers and linens.

Design and Décor

Once a vision and color scheme are established, you can shop around for décor and start mapping out a concept. We help our clients navigate all the many choices. Do you have a preferred fabric for the linens and drapes? The weight, texture and color of a fabric all contribute to the overall ambience. Is your vision more rustic or modern?  The answer can dictate the many choices to follow.

This wedding had a distinctive flair that was rooted in our client’s overall vision.  From the table linens to the chairs and centerpieces, everything supported it.

Power in the Flower

Flowers and centerpieces contribute to the entire look and feel of a wedding. From the complex to the simple and understated, the floral décor ties it all together.  The easiest way to get creative ideas flowing is to search on social media, which will help you determine your likes and dislikes and enable us to best meet your vision.