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Choosing Your Wedding Floral Designer

Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Floral Designer

Excitement fills the air. Your wedding ceremony and reception venue are all set. Now it’s time to choose your wedding floral designer.

You’ve done a little research and understand that wedding floral designers do so much more than just drop off the flowers. They are the essential orchestrators for creating the pièce de résistance moments that will dazzle you, your wedding party and guests. Your wedding floral designer will bring your unique style and mood to life and are involved in every aspect of your special day. Whether you need elegant bridal stage & backdrop pieces, tall & short centerpieces, table decorations, bouquet and corsages or help designing your wedding cake – they can do it all!

After you’ve sourced your final short list of local floral design vendors, here are some of the main questions that you will need to ask along with some added tips:


1) What types of weddings have you done and how long have you been in business? How many weddings/events do you generally do in a year?Stunning Roses Wedding Centerpiece

Experience is a major factor in determining which wedding floral designer you choose. The more experienced and talented they are in creating the floral design you desire, the more comfortable you will feel in your selection. Ensure that they are an expert in all areas of floral wedding décor and are especially skilled at creating wedding bouquets, centerpieces etc. to match your unique wedding style.  It is also important to see how popular your wedding floral designer is in terms of how many weddings/events they do per year.

2) Do you have a portfolio of recent weddings you’ve designed for?

This is a key component in the wedding floral designer selection process. It is necessary for you to see samples of floral pieces and other décor created by your designer. Viewing photos of past weddings will help you determine if they can create the style you desire and see if you and the floral designer have the same taste.


3) Are there reviews from satisfied customers?  

Always check on your potential floral designer’s website and in other places online to see what type of reviews their previous wedding customers have left. This will give you a feel of how comfortable and happy others have been with their work.


4) What types of décor services do you provide?

Beautiful Floral Centerpieces & DecorFind out if your wedding designer will create and implement accessories such as wedding backdrops, stages, aisle runners, candelabras, trees, arches,  votives, mirrors, etc. and will these items be included in a package or incur additional costs. Also find out if they supply or include extras, like fabric draping, lanterns, chairs, candelabras and lounge furniture etc.


5) What flowers are in season and available the month I am getting married?

This is very important because if the blooms you desire are out of season and you still want them; you may have to pay top dollar. Accommodating florists will find in-season floral substitutes with similar looks. Be sure to also ask what flowers they recommend correlating with your color scheme and budget. Ask if they can suggest anything special to coordinate with the theme/venue/season of your event.

6)  Can you provide organic, pesticide-free flowers? 

It is well known that organic, pesticide-free flowers are better for you and the environment. Their fragrance has been touted as being much stronger and the blooms of higher quality and are said to last much longer. However, purchasing organic flowers may by costly, find out what options your floral designer offers.

7) What about coordinating bridesmaid flowers, wedding party boutonnières and centerpieces?Matching Wedding Floral Boutonniere

Ensure that your floral designer is able to coordinate the bridesmaid flowers, boutonnières, corsages, centerpieces and all wedding décor in alignment with your color scheme/ theme/venue/season of your event.


8)  Are they able to emulate your design style whether it be traditional, modern, rustic, organic, religious etc.?

It is important that you’re able to be confident that your floral designer can emulate your design to your liking. While some florists like to stick to their own personal style, it is best that you find a designer that shares your creative vision and has made floral designs that are closely aligned with your style.

9) Are they willing to work within your budget?

Before committing to your desired floral designer, make sure they will be able to work within your budget. Ask if they offer specific packages or is everything customized?  Find out exactly what the package includes and what costs extra. Clarify how their pricing works before you sign on the dotted line.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets10)  Can you do mockups/samples of the arrangements, bouquet described before signing the contract?

Even if you’re able to get a feel of the designers’ talents by looking at their portfolio, it is important to have them create mockups and samples if possible of the arrangements bouquets etc. that you desire. If this is possible, find out if they charge an additional fee.



More Essential Questions

  • Is my wedding date available & are there any other weddings or events scheduled on the same day?
  • Have you done events at my ceremony and reception location(s) before? If not, are you familiar with the sites?
  • Have they worked with your ceremony and reception sites in the past and will they work with the venue(s) on any restrictions?
  • Will they set up the flowers at the ceremony and the reception sites?
  • Will they move the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site?
  • How much time does the florist need to setup?
  • Is there a rental fee for vases, chairs, backdrop, stage, candle holders, etc?
  • Will the florist provide instructions on preserving your bridal bouquet or recommend someone to assist me in the preservation of my bouquet after the wedding?
  • What color lighting would you recommend based on flowers and color scheme?
  • Do you advise on linens, upgraded chairs and table settings?
  • Do you have liability insurance? What is the refund/cancellation process? When is payment due?

Useful Tips:

* Don’t design the wedding bouquet until you’ve ordered your wedding dress. You want to know that your wedding designer can create bouquets and arrangements that match your style.

* Before meeting with potential floral designers: finalize your color scheme; research and create a list of the flowers, bouquets and arrangements that you like. Also, provide some samples from magazines, websites, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

* Before you schedule appointments with potential florists, review their website, Instagram and Pinterest accounts in order to get a feel for their style.

* After you’ve met with each floral designer decide, “Am I comfortable with these designers? Did they answer all my questions satisfactorily and are they aligned with my vison? Can I envision them helping me create my perfect wedding?”

* After booking your floral designer, make sure to give them a photo of your wedding dress, swatches and photos of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

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