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How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It actually can be an exciting time for you to be in control and in touch with your authentic self. We all have certain colors that make us feel special and alive. Below are some easy steps for choosing your perfect wedding colors.

 Choose a Base Color
Choose a Base Color for Wedding Colors


Your base color is the one that’s used most prominently throughout your wedding, and  you won’t be able to build your full color palette without it.

It should be a color that you genuinely love!





                                                                                                                            Choose Accent Colors

Choose Wedding Accent Colors


Once you have your base color the next step will be to choose a handful of complementary “accent colors” — generally two or three of them.

Your accents can be anything from bold, contrasting hues on the opposite side of the color wheel, to neutral tones like gray, black or beige.



Think About Your Wedding Season

Your Wedding Season Colors


Some colors lend themselves naturally to certain times of the year. Dark jewel tones such as emerald green, plum purple, navy blue, and marsala red, for example, tend to fit in better with cold weather surroundings.

Bold and bright colors are generally more appropriate for a summer celebration, while pastel hues are traditionally associated with springtime weddings.



                                                                                                                Pick Colors That Flatter You

Pick Wedding Colors That Flatter You


Don’t be afraid to be a little selfish when deciding how to pick your wedding colors!

Consider universally flattering colors — medium and darker shades such as eggplant, powder blue, navy and red are some of the best options — and try adding at least one to your palette to keep everyone (including you) looking their best.



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Have You Chosen Your Wedding Colors

Well we hope that these choosing your wedding color ideas helped get you started.

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