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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Corporate Event

Why are flowers so important to accompany your corporate event? Because they appeal to the senses and are aesthetically pleasing. Carefully chosen flowers help set the mood of the event. Your attendees want to be part of festivities adorned with tastefully arranged flowers that brighten up the room.

But beyond that, flowers can convey emotions and add a motivating factor. Recognizable flowers have distinct themes, which is why you can’t just arrange a random bunch of flowers for any occasion. You need to select the right flowers to match the color scheme and theme of your corporate event. That’s why choosing the right flowers is an art that isn’t always easy.

Selecting the Color Scheme

Before choosing your flowers, you need to first select the color scheme. Once you have chosen your color scheme, you can then consult with your local florist to help you choose the flowers that match your scheme. Florists will present different variations of flowers to choose from and let you know whether they are in season, available, or need to be ordered. Below are some color scheme ideas for various types of corporate, fundraising and other special events:

  • Simply stated blooms such as roses, lilies, daisies and orchids can be found in all variations of pink, lavender, red and white available during the Spring season and will add sophistication to your event.
  • For the Summer season, variations of yellow Chrysanthemums, white Calla lilies, Cosmos in pink/white and raspberry red and Dahlias in shades of rust, yellow, white, orange and purple are excellent choices. Adding varied colored Hydrangeas and Peonies will also add beauty to your tables and make your event unique and special.
  • During Fall, bright sunflowers, dahlias, asters help create the autumn look and feel. Multi-colored carnations are available throughout the year and will last long without stretching your budget.
  • A Winter Christmas event can include various colors such as red, gold, silver, green or ivory. Flowers for events held in different seasons need to correlate with what is easily attainable and affordable. For example, an event in Spring usually includes colorful peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas and more.
  • Budget is an important factor. Some flowers are more expensive than others, so always have a back-up plan, and if needed, select similar color flowers that are less expensive. If you are stretched on budget, you can get always choose flowering branches of quince, cherry blossoms and magnolias as a less expensive choice.
  • An event to raise breast cancer awareness or collect funds for breast cancer usually has pink as its main color theme. Accenting your event with pink flowers such as gladiolus, tulips, roses are traditional floral selections.
  • Good planning can ensure your corporate event is filled with colorful appealing florals and every is happy.

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