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Tropical Color Themes for a Late Summer Wedding

Tropical Color Themes for a Late Summer Wedding

March 21, 2018


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Decor: House of Dipali | Location: Fresh Meadows Country Club

We all know that the new “thing” in weddings are Fall weddings. The weather is a bit cooler, the temperature is starting to get cooler, and brides begin to embrace a deeper color palette.

Though Fall weddings have their charms, late summer has its own variety of fun, especially with bolder choices of color and decor.  Only from late July to early September can you really embrace the deep golden yellows, bright, sizzling fuschia, and deep leafy greens that comprise a tropical themed wedding.

Inspired by the likes of Bali, Fiji, and the Caribbean, this theme of yellow roses, golden marigolds, and deep pinks and purples is sure to make any bride to be and her ever-demanding family swoon.


When thinking about flowers that compliment a tropical themed wedding, roses are an interesting choice. Many brides select the obvious orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, etc. Roses come in deep, passionate, tropical colors such as cinnamon-y orange, bright fiery magenta, and golden yellows. Roses are always a lovely and romantic choice for a wedding, regardless of time of year.


An interesting and fun choice for décor that compliments tropical themed flowers very well are Moroccan lanterns and breezy fabric with candles. The combination of the lanterns and beautiful airy draping along with earthy scented roses will intoxicate your guests and transport them to an unknown Moroccan souk!


Centerpieces are essential to bringing your tropical wedding theme to life. Tall centerpieces with branches and lush bunches of flowers bring your tropical theme front and center to your guests. Pair with gorgeous gold or metallic table linens and warm votives and you have a lush mini-lounge for each of your guests to enjoy between dancing the night away at your reception!

Now that you know your amazing and gorgeous tropical themed wedding options, consider bumping up your wedding date by a month or two to celebrate your special day away in the tropics!